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Many online bat shaving companies make claims they are using a lathe to shave your bat, but look closely at the website.  Do they show multiple pictures of the machine with bats inside them?  Do they show multiple pictures or videos of their work on varying bat manufacturers?  Think about it......these companies spend all this time and effort building a website, yet they cannot put up any pictures.  We have been in this business a long time and the first question we are asked is do you use a lathe to shave the bat.  The answer is yes AND we can document it.  We offer pictures or video to any customer wanting to see the proof in the pudding.  This is an unfortunate truth, but you would be very surprised to know what some of these companies are doing to your bats.  As it is our business to know the competition, we have personally sent off bats to be shaved and rolled to gauge the quality of the work.  What we have found is some are indeed doing an excellent job, some are using a drill hone yet claiming a lathe and some are not even shaving the bat yet claiming they are.  We have also called up a few of these online bat shaving companies posing as a consumer to see what some would say when asked if they can show evidence of using a lathe.  We have heard stories from "the machine shop doesn't allow cameras inside", "our process is proprietary and cannot show our methods" to our all-time favorite, "my grandfather shaves the bats" (no joke).  So grandpa can operate a $50,000 CNC machine, but doesn't know how to turn on a camera?  Riiiiiiiggghhhttttt......

Bottom line, before purchasing any shaved bat, especially online, we highly suggest asking for pictures or video of the work being done if it is not already on display.  It is very easy to hide behind a website and make claims to services not being performed.  If any excuse or story is given as to why pictures and/or video cannot be provided of your bat or bats in general, they are not using a lathe or not shaving your bat simply put.  We have heard countless stories from our customers who defected from these companies for similar reasons.  We respect and appreciate all of the business given to us and will always ensure you are getting a top notch, quality bat shaving service.  We have been burnt ourselves in the past and is one of the driving principles as to why we entered into this business.  

Bat Shaving Process

All bats are shaved to spec on our fully automated, precision engine lathe with digital 2-axis read out. aka DRO.  The DRO tells us exactly how far into the wall we are and how far down the barrel we go.  This is very important as it takes all the guess work out of the equation.  You will notice some bat docs tape their boring bars in the videos you see.  This is simply to gauge how far into the barrel they are cutting or as we see it "guess work".  Say your barrel is 12", you want to cut 12" and not 12.10" as then the taper is being cut which will ruin a bat.  With our read out, we can preprogram our cut to stop exactly 12"s into the barrel.  NO TAPE NEEDED !!!  Another benefit to the DRO is we know exactly how far into the wall we are.  This is displayed out to the thousandth of an inch and have our machine pre-program to cut out a precise amount of wall thickness out of every model bat we shave.  After we have finished shaving your bat, we use an air hose and blow out all the residual dust and weigh it to ensure we have removed the desired amount of material.   If we are satisfied the shaving process is complete. If more is needed to be removed, we run it through again until we have removed the targeted amount. 

Shaving Specs

We offer 3 shaving specs for you to choose from.  We have shaved 1,000's of bats and have developed a custom tune for nearly every model out there.  Keep in mind every bat is different so we cannot generalize how much we remove per specification, but we can describe the ending result.  

This is the middle of the spectrum shave.  Will be approximately 50-60% broken in when pulled out of the wrapper and will need some swings to break in.  We suggest this spec for team use or anyone looking for the best durability and longevity.

This is a moderately heavy shave with more aggressive roll than standard.  The bat will be 75-80% broken in when you pull it out of the wrapper.  Durability will be compromised some what, but not killed.  We suggest this shaving spec for those looking for a hot bat straight out of the wrapper that cannot spend time breaking it in. We do not suggest this shaving spec when used as a team bat if you would like it to last.  

Bat Doc
This shaving spec is for those who want maximum performance within the "normal spectrum".  All bats we showcase in this shop are shaved to this spec with a decent amount of end load. Durability is somewhat compromised. All bats shaved to this spec will develop webbing within a few swings and should be 90-95% broken in straight out of the wrapper.  This will be a hard bat to put down and suggest limiting its use if you would like it to last.  Don't be afraid to swing it by any means, just understand the bat is very thin. 

End Cap Installation

During re-assembly, we re-install the end cap and all counter weighting using an industrial strength urethane rubber compound with a high tensile / shear ratio.  This basically means our urethane rubber compound is tough yet flexible.  In addition to these properties, the product we use is also highly viscous which is important to completely sealing the cap to the bat.  We have seen so many times over other bat docs that use putty like expoxies and the caps do not seat right.  Most cases, you can twist the cap off with your hands !!!   Last thing you need is not knowing if the end cap is going to come flying out of your bat. 

Where end cap replacement is necessary, we use only the best end caps in the industry.  Our replacement end caps cannot be differentiated from the factory cap, have the same wear patterns as a factory cap and are very tough and durable. 

Bat Rolling

After the end cap is fully seated, we roll the bat.  There are varying methods, techniques and all kinds of documentation out there on bat rolling.  We have rolled 1000's of bats and what we have found to work best is rolling the bat after the shaving service has been performed using a perpendicular then parallel method.  We roll it to the point to where the bat is starting to break in, but is not broken in.  Natural break in is best (physically hitting a ball) and over rolling a bat does nothing, but leave waves, flat spots, pulling off / creasing decals and worst of all, possibly breaking the bat in the process.  

Distance Pick-up and Durability

The million dollar question always asked is "how much more distance am I going to gain" and the answer is it all depends.  All depends on how hard you swing, what ball is being used and what the weather is like.  It is not untypical to pick up 50, 60, 70ft + in the right conditions !!!   On the flip side, shaving a bat does decrease the lifespan of your bat as the walls are thinner, HOWEVER, if shaved correctly AND properly used it should not diminish by much.  4 main factors come into play for distance and diminishing the life span of your bat:

1) How aggressive the shave job is.  Plain and simple, the more material that is removed, the thinner the walls are inside your bat.  

2) How many people use your bat.  It is highly recommended to keep these bats to yourself as this greatly lessens the number of swings being put on the bat.  

3) Type of ball being hit.  Harder the ball the further it travels, however, this also compresses the barrel more and is less forgiving thus running a chance of cracking the barrel.  

4) Weather.  These bats as well as any composite bat should NOT be used in cold weather.  Composite bats are flexible and with cold weather, the bat stiffens up more than it would using it in normal conditions.  In addition to, most balls firm up in cold weather as well which will also contributes to premature breakage.

We have had plenty of customers tell us they have put over a 1,000+ swings on some bats and have personally seen our bats in rotation for years.  If shaven correctly and with proper usage, there is no reason why your bat can not be enjoyed for many hits to come.


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