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How to know if a Bat Shaving company is legitimate or not?

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No pun intended............you know the old saying, "don't believe everything you read on the internet." Well it could not be more relevant in the world of bat shaving. Truth be told, there are quite a few online bat shaving companies who are complete frauds. And by frauds, I mean companies; 1) charging for services not being performed or 2) companies who mislead consumers into thinking you are getting something you are not. One of these scam companies I speak of ripped me off personally about 10 years ago and is one of the driving reasons why I got into this business. I am not going to sit here and bad mouth anyone nor list out each and every competitor taking your money, but I am going to tell you what a lot of the "fraudulent" companies don't want you to know. The goal of this blog is to educate the reader on tactics used by certain bat shaving companies to mask the truth of what is really happening. Knowing the truth behind the madness is the key to identifying those companies who are legitimate and trustworthy versus those who are not.

One thing you will realize very quickly about my company is how transparent we are. We have nothing to hide behind here. There is more original content on my website and social media sites than all other bat shaving companies combined. We do not pay SEO companies to write our blogs, push our pages with content that makes absolutely no sense in the context it is trying to be used in, nor do we falsify information and steal others information claiming it as our own. The content you see written and documented is all 100% original and authentic. I purposely put this out there for the world to see. Just because there is a website with bats and services offered doesn't necessarily entail that it is legitimate, trustworthy or having the necessary experience to properly service your bat(s). Being a bat doctor is a niche profession with very, very few who can challenge the status quo. Don't you think it's about time a bat doctor actually tells you what to look out for? Weather you purchase bats from my company or somewhere else, by the end of this blog there will not be any shadow of a doubt, you will learn who is for real and who is not in this business

Red Flags to be aware of

# 1 - No video proof of any services done

This is by far the easiest and full proof way to know if you are dealing with a bat shaving company who actually shaves bats. I challenge any of you to pick up the phone and dial these places asking the question. You will soon find out there are more than a few who refuse to provide any video documentation of your bats being shaved. And the answer is simple.....because it is not being done. Anyone who refuses to video does not shave bats or they use less than ideal tactics to shave a bat such as using a drill hone, instead. It is that cut and dry. Some will get creative and try to "sell" you on non video ways of proof. One example is, "I will mail you back the bat with the end cap off.". Ok, so how did you shave the bat? You go through this extent to prove it was done because I can look down the barrel, but how did you shave the bat? And now you expect me to install this end cap myself when I paid you to do it! Everyone, IT IS ALL BS! DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Sure fire sign of a fraud.

You may ask, "how are these places still in business if what you say is true?" And that answer is also simple, uniformed new customers looking for shaved bats. You would be astonished to know how many bats are mailed in here to verify services performed by other companies. Just last week, I had a new customer mail me 2 Easton Ghost BBCOR bats to verify services as he claims the bats hit terrible. Those bats shaved are actually pretty good so I already knew they weren't even done before I asked who he used. He told me and it was a place I know that does not take videos and I told him on the phone, the bats are more than likely stock. He doubted me, but mailed them in anyway and before I even opened them up, I called him and told him the scale weight and how they weigh stock. He still doubted me and I called him back a few minutes later, provided him photo and video documentation of his 2 bone stock bats he paid nearly $1000 for!!! Now he believed me. Companies like the one this customer used survives in this business on the uninformed. As mentioned above, just because you see a fancy website, cool company name or just esthetically pleasing doesn't necessarily mean the place is legit or honest.

"What about reviews............something has to be out there to read up on bat shavers"? Well, it largely does not exist. This research is very limited because who wants to blast their name all over the web with a shaved bat they got hosed on? They don't and won't. Feedback is given to the bat doctor them self or spread amongst word of mouth and not somewhere online in a forum setting. However, there is 1 "independent" review site (and I use "independent" loosely). I had a customer reference this link a while back during a phone conversation. I honestly had no clue what he was talking about at the time, but have since got a huge chuckle from what was published.

Here is the link --> http://www.batshavingcompanyreviews.com/ go ahead, check it out

FACT: Truth be told, did you know this review site is actually written and published by a bat doctor who is in this review! Laughable yes.........it is not very hard to figure out which company is behind this sham, but I do applaud them for making my company an "editor's choice". What a clever way to attract business to yourself by falsifying a review site. And to actually think some random Joe is going to publish all this, pay for web hosting and put his actual name and image on the publication! LMFAO.........IT IS A JOKE PEOPLE!

Back to the review page, in general, the reviews are based upon website flow, content and services offered which doesn't hold a lot of merit on actual services provided. I will admit, parts of the review are accurate, some completely inaccurate, but the review itself totally misses the nail in the coffin on what any bat shaving review should include..........VIDEO PROOF. Do you know why "Video Proof" isn't a consideration of the review itself? Because the company who wrote this doesn't provide videos! But for giggles, let's add a column under Turnaround Time and call it "Video Proof". Out of the 10 websites in this entire review, only 5 would have a YES checked. All the hype, all the pomp and circumstance written is instantly wiped away because you, sir, cannot even document you are shaving a single bat. That's why you don't see this as a check box or a review item

FACT: Of those 5 companies on the review list I mention who video, 1 is myself. That leaves 4 companies...........1 of the remaining 4, well, those bats are actually done inside my shop on my machine by someone other than myself. That leaves 3.........1 of those remaining 3, well, that place is no longer in business shaving bats and I know this because I was approached to buy his business and web domain 2 years ago because he got a fulltime job somewhere else and wanted out. That means only 2 companies who provide video documentation actually shave bats outside of my shop. 2 places!! SAD BUT TRUE!

I cannot stress enough how scrupulous people are and how they will rob you blind. ASK FOR THE PROOF. NO PROOF, THEY AREN'T DOING IT. FIND SOMEONE ELSE

#2 - Verified compression results

I wrote a blog on this some time ago. See this link --> https://www.homerunderbybatsonly.com/compression-t...

The video on the bottom is another tell tell sign of a fraud. If you come across any bat shaving site who shows "Before and After" compression scores, BUYER BEWARE! These scores are useless ways of providing proof of services rendered because they are all falsified. If the "Before" dial does not line up to the "After" dial, well, you are dealing with someone who is compression whipping you. Watch my video and find out for yourself. If the dials Before and After align, then you know the person who is snapping those pics is being honest. I have yet to see any dials align on any bat shaving site who shows this information. IF THE DIALS DO NOT ALIGN BEFORE AND AFTER, YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF!

#3 - BBB ratings and other claims

FACT: Go to the BBB website and look up any of these places who say they have a rating. 1) I bet you won't find them 2) if you do, I bet the rating is bad and there are a lot of positive reviews surrounding the negative to try and flush it out. If you see anyone claiming #1 bat shaving company in the nation, largest in stock inventory, etc.........all of it posturing without 1 single fact to support it. It is marketing 101 and a simple way for these places to make the uninformed feel as if you are dealing with a legitimate company and not a complete sham.

#4 - Rolled bats will yield distance gains

If you see any websites claiming how a rolled bat will increase the distance and sweet spot of your bat, all of it is BS. Bat rolling is a break in service, it does not add any distance or performance to your bat. Heated bat rolling is also another form of a break in service, but still does not add a lick of performance. A rolled bat will hit no better than a bat you broke it in on its own. Rolling simply facilitates break in upfront vs putting in the effort downstream. Rolling a bat also does not open the sweet spot anymore than it would if you broke in the bat on your own. Anyone claiming anything different is flat out lying to your face or completely oblivious to what bat rolling is! Find someone else

#5 - Shaving and rolling aluminum bats

Another tell tell sign if you are dealing with a fraud. I have a blog on this as well. See this link --> https://www.homerunderbybatsonly.com/blog/rolling-...

This blog explains it all. Every day I get calls for rolling and shaving aluminum bats and I have to explain the truth behind it daily. Believe me, I wish I could shave and roll aluminum bats as there is a HUGE market for it, but I have a conscience and am not about to lie to you just to make a dollar. Fraudulent companies who advertise shaving and rolling of aluminum bats know there is a market for these type of bats and they want to capitalize on it. Don't believe me, call up one of these places and ask for a video. If you are getting an aluminum bat rolled, show me a video of the before and after scores with the dials zeroed out on both before you pull up the lever. And by the way, roll it across the table after its been rolled and let's see it wobble because that is exactly what an aluminum bat will do if you apply any amount of pressure to it

#6 - Website / Social Media content

I touched upon this earlier and it is true. Because of the known number of s-bags doing this, those legitimate places have to go above and beyond to not get that negative stigma. My company has all kinds of original content on our website, Facebook page and Youtube channel.

FACT: did you know I am the only bat doctor who has a YouTube channel hitting their bats? Yes, that's me in the videos. Do you want someone shaving your bat who can't even hit a ball them self or doesn't look like someone who is an actual ball player? Playing experience pays off on shaving specs and how bats flex and hold up. Most bat doctors cannot actually speak from experience hitting bats. Products are pushed based upon popularity, the margin they make or because the bat does not have many complications. And I know because I get calls from customers stating "well this place said this bat is best" and I have to refute the claim and explain the reasons why.

FACT: did you know there is a bat doctor with a YouTube channel claiming they alter bats, but doesn't show 1 shred of evidence of any bat actually being altered? Can you figure out who? Hint.......before and after compression scores are used, but hey, lets see the inside of the barrel or the bat being turned down on the machine. Wont find it on that channel!

FACT: did you know there is a bat shaving site who has taken snip its of my YouTube videos and put them on their site acting as if they are their own? I have contacted them numerous times to remove the images........but you guessed it, they haven't been removed.

FACT: did you know there is a bat shaving company who has literally copied some of my website content and product descriptions directly onto their web pages. If you like reading, it won't be difficult to figure that one out.

Other instances you should be weary of is very out dated images and videos. If you see a bat being shaved from 2011 and nothing else added since, well, it's not posting laziness, it's the fact that they can't substantiate any photographic evidence of a bat being serviced since.

FACT: did you know there is a bat shaving company today that doesn't provide videos, but back in the day had ALL their bats shaved by another online bat doctor? Needless to say, this outsourcing at the company I am referring to ceased years ago, however, there is still outsourcing in this business going on because I do it for others.

If you see anyone with charts and graphs depicting exit velocity, barrel flex, distance on a stock vs rolled vs shaved, etc.......it is all made up! There is not any industry studies done by a university or independent research organization on shaved bats. Not one of these bat doctors are talking to college professors, PhDs or anyone with testing equipment or data. Anyone with basic excel skills can create a graph or chart and anyone with an imagination can make up a story and post it up.

So there you have it. 6 full proof ways to flush out a scam artist. If you actually stop and think about it, it doesn't take a lot of common sense to add up the red flags or to do a little research to know if you are dealing with a fraud. It is a sad reality in this business, but there are shysters out there and they will rip off the unknowing. I know I cannot save everyone from a scam as not everyone will read this blog, but doing my part and publishing a blog no other will dare publish is a start.


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