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Bat Compression Scores and the bamboozaling

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We get a lot of calls in regards to before and after compression scores of bat rolling and if we provide them.  The short answer is yes we can provide the score if requested, the long answer and more logical response is why does it matter?  Aside from simply wanting to know the score for relative purposes, before and after scores are useless and proves nothing.  If it proves anything, it proves how people are being mislead.  

I received a call today from a person who was inquiring on our bat rolling service.  He specifically was inquiring on the 2020 Demarini CF Zen -5 USSSA baseball bat.  He wanted to know what the bat tests at before and after a roll job and I told him around 750psi stock and roughly 675-700psi heat rolled.  He then went on and said your competitor gets the bat down to 500psi rolled and I told him thats impossible less the bat being shaved.  He then said I will email you over a picture proving its the case.  Upon receipt, I opened the email, took a look at the picture and shook my head.  I responded to his email with a video I made of how compression scores are falsified most every where and asked him to call me back after he watches the video.  He called me back and ended up giving me the order because of the video I sent him and the facts behind it.  

Here is the picture I received over the email from a competitor.  This is beyond laughable.  Look at how far off the dials are from left to right.  By "far off", I mean the alignment of the gauges.  The after pic (left) is turned back about an inch and half.  They are not even close to one another.  The only true number in this picture is the before picture.  There is not a chance in hell this bat dropped 250 points from rolling.  Shaving these bats to our level 3 spec will get you down to roughly 500psi.  Rolling by itself will maybe, at the max, drop these bats 50-75 points and that is absolute max. 

Here is a link to the video I sent him that proves this pic is a sham.  Check it out below

I cannot stress it enough folks, rolling is a BREAK IN SERVICE.  Rolling a bat does nothing in terms of improved performance, bigger sweet spot, etc.  A rolled bat will hit NO DIFFERENT than if you took the time to break the bat in on its own.   

All Bat Rolling does is do the dirty work for you upfront without the sweat!  Nothing more, nothing less.  If you would like more TRUE information on bat rolling, I have a few other blogs that I go more in depth of rolling and what it does.

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